FERMALUX performs maintenance facilities and access control systems.

The access control systems are electronic solutions capable of controlling inputs and outputs that allow us to know who is coming, what time and where each individual comes. This system is able to manage access to people, vehicles and objects or materials to a particular site. Fulfilling the correct identification and control of persons and vehicles seeking access to facilities.

Access control and identification systems for persons.

Numerical keyboards
Proximity systems
Biometric of fingerprint
Control de acceso numérico
Control de acceso proximidad
control de acceso huella dactilar
control de acceso bluetooth


Access control for vehicles.

Recognition for registrations
Automatic doors
control de acceso barrera
control de accesos puertas automaticas
control de acceso reconocimiento para matriculas
control de acceso reconocimiento para matriculas vehiculos


Control of objects and materials.

Metal detector
Anti-theft barriers
control de accesos detector de metales
control de accesos barreras antihurto



Certificate of Company Mantenedora of Fire protection MPCI-297
Certificate of Company Mantenedora of Thermal Facilities in Buildings EMTE-2122
Certificate of Company Electrical Fitter in Casualty Tensión (Category Specialist) EBTE-1757
Certificate of Company Fitter of Fire protection IPCI-305
Certificate of Company Telecommunications fitter TYPE TO, TYPE B, TYPE C, TYPE D, TYPE AND
Certificate of Company Fitter of Thermal Facilities in Buildings EITE-3590
Certificate of Of integration Company Nº 1108
Certificate of Company gas Fitter, Category To nº 94682
Certificate of company of Plumbing nº 94682
Certificate of Company Fitter - repairer of fixed devices of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump. GF/00000730
Certificate of Company Fitter, mantenedora or system repairer of fire protection that fluorados gases as agent use fire extinguisher. GF/00000730
Bidders' certificate of the community of Madrid nº 2128 Certificate of company of services bidders of the state nº 63278R
Certificate of company of works bidders of the state nº 63280R
ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of Management of the Quality
ISO 14001:2004 Certificate of Environmental management
Excel Partner Accreditation Course Nº XL - 4747
Brand-Rex Partner Communication Infrastructure Solutions Nº MC013348
OHSAS 18001 OHSAS 18001 Certificate of Safety and Occupational Health for every employee and employer
Quality stamp Manages nº 506449
Netgear parner certified in solutions wireless nº 293
Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin - UEWA
Certify KNX nº 17594 to yourself
MikroTik Certified Network Associate MTCNA

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